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Marko Groeger, Ph.D.

Marko Groeger, Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact Information

[email protected]
(415) 476-2420
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University Hospital Jena, Ph.D., Molecular Medicine, 2018

University of Jena, Diploma, Trophology, 2013

  • Inflammation
  • Liver diseases
  • Liver immunology
  • Organ-on-Chip models
  • Stem cells

Dr. Marko Groeger is a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Holger Willenbring at UCSF.

He received his diploma in trophology at the University of Jena in 2013. After that he became a PhD student in the lab of Dr. Alexander Mosig at the University Hospital Jena. As a member of the Center of Sepsis Control and Care he participated in the establishment of a biochip-based, microphysiological model of the human liver to investigate sepsis-associated inflammatory dysfunction.

Generally, he is interested in new ways to mimic human organ function with microphysiological organ-on-chip models to evaluate cellular targets for possible treatment strategies in translational research.


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