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Simone Natalya Thorson Kurial, B.Sc.

Simone Natalya Thorson Kurial, B.Sc.

  • Graduate Student

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Brown University, Providence, R.I., B.Sc., Biology, 2015

  • C.R. Bard Undergraduate Research Fellow
  • Biomedical Sciences (BMS)
  • Bile Duct insufficiency
  • Biliary development
  • Liver Regeneration
  • Organoids
  • Stem Cells

Simone Kurial, B.Sc. is a graduate student in the Biomedical Sciences program. She received her B.Sc. from Brown University, where she trained in the lab of Edith Mathiowitz. Her undergraduate research and honors thesis focused on the optimization of polymer encapsulated therapeutic compounds for use in targeted drug delivery. She is currently a member of the Willenbring lab in the Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine, where she is investigating mechanisms of biliary development and regeneration. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to clinically relevant treatments for diseases of the liver and bile ducts.

  1. 8/2014: Brown University Undergraduate Research Symposium, Providence, R.I., selected poster: "Monitoring the Biodistribution and Toxicity of Nanoparticles in Organ Systems"


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