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Laure Dumont, Biotechnology Engineer

Laure Dumont, Biotechnology Engineer

  • Graduate Student, University of Melbourne, Australia
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School of Advanced Studies in Biotechnology Engineering (Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieur de Luminy) Marseilles France ESIL-Polytech Marseilles 2006-2009

Biotechnology, Cannes, France, BTS,  2004-2006

  • Disease focused biology
  • Pathways understanding
  • Stem cell research

I am a research engineer in biotechnology specialized in cellular and molecular biology. I started my young career at Novartis Basel in Switzerland. As part of the research division NIBR I worked mainly on specific pathways linked to kidney and pancreatic diseases development. I joined UCSF and the Willenbring Lab in October 2012 to study liver regeneration using iPS-derived hepatocytes and humanized mouse models. 


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