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Yann Malato, Ph.D.

Yann Malato, Ph.D.

  • Senior Research Associate, Genentech
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2009, Ph.D. Role of the IKK complex during liver regeneration, University Hospital Aachen, Aachen, Germany.
2005, MASTER 2 Cell Biology and Physiopathology, GREF, INSERM E0362, Universite Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2, Bordeaux (France).
2004, MASTER 1 Cell Biology and Physiopathology, Universite Bordeaux 1 - Bordeaux 2, Bordeaux (France).
2003, LICENCE Cell Biology and Physiology, (Neuroscience), Universite Bordeaux 1, Bordeaux (France).
2002, DEUG Life Sciences, Universite Bordeaux 1, Bordeaux (France).
2000, Classe preparatoire aux grandes Ecoles » BCPST, Lycee Michel Montaigne Bordeaux (France)
1999, "Baccalaureat serie Scientifique" (required for university entrance)

  • Liver fibrosis
  • Liver regeneration and cancer

Yann Malato, Ph.D. is a post-doctoral fellow in the Willenbring Lab. Born and raised in France, Dr. Malto trained in Bordeaux, France at the University Bordeaux 1 and Bordeaux 2. In 2005, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Christian Trautwein in Aachen, Germany, attended gradudate school there and earned his Ph.D. in November 2009. He then joined the lab of Dr. Willenbring where as the senior post-doc, he manages the training all new members of the lab.

Dr. Malato is now working on liver fibrosis, the project's purpose is to reduce fibrosis by turning fibrotic cells (myofibroblasts) into healthy hepatocytes. He is also studying the effects of a lack of mature microRNAs in the mouse liver and its impact on hepatocarcinogenesis. Dr. Malato previous work established a new model of lineage tracing in the liver, genetically marking hepatocytes and following their outcomes after several models of liver injuries. This is called  "fate tracing of mature hepatocytes". The cell of origin of liver cancers is another research interest.


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